5-Star Client Experience

5-Star Client Experience

CRM Systems & Client Support

You wanted to provide a more intimate experience for your clients. Your solution was to help fewer people but in a much higher capacity. You’re providing your new clients with more personalized attention in you 10-15K group program. You still want to support the clients in your pass courses but you know you’re going to need a special touch to support your clients at this new level. You’re excited but this is a new realm for you. You’re not sure how you will manage the load. You know you’re looking at constant email notifications, pending systems mishaps and scheduling headaches.

How will you manage it all?

You need someone to handle your customer relationship management. You need a professional to focus on your client systems and client support, so you can focus on what you rock at. Getting results for your clients and making connections

You need 5-Star Client Experience!

5-Star Client experience is a 6-month project management package for 10-15K Programs. In this package, you’ll get 6 months of direct support for your client systems, emails and communication. Your clients will feel supported and listened to by your business, resulting in crazy word of mouth and repeat business.

What does life look like after a 5-Star Client Experience?

  • You have more time to focus on getting your clients results.
  • You lay your head down at night knowing what you’ve accomplished that day and what you need to knock out the next day.
  • You have more time for brunch with friends, hikes with your partner and seeing live shows.
  • You won’t feel a flood of anxiety every time you open your email.

Booked Out – $9000 (payment plans available)


Adulting with adhdI’ve been working with Dia for years on online projects, and she’s always a pleasure to collaborate with. Most recently she was able to take my challenge coursework and help me better reach my readership through a campaign that included landing page development, PDF delivery and automated email scheduling. Her insight on the latest techniques and relentless work ethic are just a couple of the many reasons I’d give her a try!

Sarah, Adulting With ADHD



  • Set and hit clear goals quarter after quarter.
  • Grow your business because you aren’t wasting time doing redundant admin tasks.
  • Know that your clients are taken care of.
  • Have someone who wants you to succeed in your corner and taking things off your plate.

How do I sign up and what happens next?

  • Click the “Let’s do this button”
  • On the next page you will be able to select the payment option that works best for you.
  • After you’ve selected your payment option you will be able to schedule your first call and make your payment.
  • After your payment is made you will fill out your intake form.
  • After you’ve submit your intake form you will receive your contact.
  • Once you’ve signed your contract you will receive your welcome package and we will get started!

What’s Included?

  • 6 months of client and project management.
  • Weekly summary of emails updates and client communication.
  • Monthly calls to check in and update systems or templates.
  • Client email support
  • 2 Quarterly planning sessions

    Booked Out – $9000 (payment plans available)



I’m Dia Darling and I’m a time tamer. I’m here to answer your clients questions, fix their tech issues and show them how much you care. If I can balance 30+ SEO clients, a website, family, friends and all the things, don’t worry, I got you.



 Dia was really in it with me! She brought critical thinking and my solutions that had my ultimate goals in mind to the table! She was really a team player (sorry for the dumb cliché) and very supportive! I didn’t know anything about Dubsado and how to set up my workflows and Dia knew exactly which questions to ask to help me up-level and better automate my business! She also help me set up other very fundamental systems in my business! I am now able to use Dubsado seamlessly in my business and have some great foundations set up in my business! Dia is such a delight to work with! Not only that, she really helped me get my shit together and get the client work done!

Meg, MegKTheVA.com



This Package Is For You If:

  • You’re a coach, freelancer or online business owner with a 10-15K program.
  • You feel like you don’t have enough time.
  • Admin tasks are dominating what time you do have to work on your business, instead of in your business.
  • You’re sick of feeling overwhelmed, behind on work and stagnant in your business.
  • You have a high dollar program and customers who expect high dollar service.
  • You want to know your really know your clients and not worry about the semantics of your business.


This Package Isn’t For You If:

  • If you are a brick and mortar business owner with no interest in online organization.
  • You are married to paper systems for your business and won’t even consider a trial separation.
  • You have trouble giving up control.


A week ago, I had 50 women signed up to participate in #WomanAndMachine . Now, I have over 500 on the waitlist and I was featured on the local news today! And there was a single person who made that happen for me. Seriously, Dia, thank you so much for helping me get out of my own way, for putting me in contact with the right people, teaching me about how to use social media and spoon-feeding Facebook to me, and for crafting a game plan for my business that was practical, reasonable, and didn’t scare the shit out of me. I’d recommend you and your services a million times over. I’m so lucky I found you; not only as someone I am so happy to be working with but also as a friend.

Booked Out – $9000 (payment plans available)



  • What if my business is new? Or I’m not a business owner at all?

This service is a six-month commitment for established businesses that are looking for help managing clients. If you are just starting out you may benefit from a smaller setup package instead of on-going client management.

  • Will I need to buy other apps or programs to make this work?

Thanks to the power of technology there are tons of free applications on the web. While I can recommend free and paid apps and systems to increase your productivity and organization, we can do what fits your needs and budget.

  • Do you only take clients in the United States? 

No! I welcome clients from all over the world but all payments must be in U.S. currency and I only often customer support in the English language.

Booked Out – $9000 (payment plans available)

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